Max International was founded by dedicated and successful entrepreneurs and executives who
had a vision of helping people everywhere experience the benefits of improved
glutathione production.

Beginning with
MaxGXL® and now extending to MaxOne™, MaxATP™, Max N-Fuze™ and, finally
Cellgevity and Visible Solutions, Max's products represent breakthrough science and life-
changing benefits
.  Because Max founders knew the science and products were so revolutionary, the
best way to help people understand the benefits of breakthrough products was through face to face

Max International also represents a chance for people to change their lives financially. The
opportunity we offer goes beyond dollars and cents - it's about your freedom, and helping you achieve
what matters most to you.

As a company, we are governed by the
Max Code, a set of principles that guides our decision-making
and strategy. We seek to be an "A" Company, where making a positive difference for individuals and
society are our primary reasons for existing.

Our goal is to help people discover their unique path and empower them to turn their dreams into reality.


Steven K. Scott  -  Founder

Steve is well known in the infomercial marketplace as a primary mover of some of the most successful
products ever sold on television. Steve co-founded American Telecast and is personally responsible for
over $2.5 billion in revenue. Most recently, Steve is known as the creator of the Total Gym television
campaign featuring Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley, which has resulted in over $1 billion in sales.
Steve was named one of the 25 most influential people by Direct Response Television, the industry trade
journal. The author of six international best sellers on the subject of personal achievement, Steve brings
to Max the ability to create successful national and international marketing campaigns and, as well, a real
heart for helping people.  


Steven Scott initially looked at the science, the products, and the results presented to him and quickly
realized the magnitude of the Max opportunity.  Not only was it a huge, unique business opportunity, he
realize this was an opportunity of great significance for changing the health and lives of all those it
touched.  Steve also realize these products could not be presented in the same manner he was using
with traditional products.  The science was too new to the public, too complex, and too powerful to be
presented in a short infomercial.  To spread the word would require the same methods he had
experienced in his own introduction: one on one presentation, personal teaching and coaching.  Steve
had the science and the product, he had the marketing approach, and from this, Max International and
the idea of Max Associates was born.  

Max Associates come from a wide variety of backgrounds, disciplines, and skill sets.  They each,
however, have a couple of things in common.  Each has been deeply impacted by the science
surrounding their products either personally or by their introduction to family and friends.  And, they are
deeply committed to sharing the good news, even around the world.  

Max Associates not only have remarkable, scientifically proven and category creating products, they
know this science and the Max products bring unparalleled significance to their business.   Major Market
Trends including an aging population, a huge growth in home based businesses, and a major focus on
wellness, all position our
Max Associates for explosive business growth in the coming years.  

The health industry, the insurance industry, and both small and large businesses now realize current
health initiatives are unsustainable without a healthier population.
 Wellness is the key buzzword and
Max products directly impact the body's glutathione production which directly correlates to good

This combined with experienced
Max leadership and an amazing business model, makes Max
a powerful and rewarding opportunity for our Associates.

Come join us in our quest to bring health and wellness to society,  ensuring a longer life is
matched by a higher quality of life.  

Ask the person who introduced you to Max about the opportunity how to become an associate.
Max International is the worldwide leader in research and product
development focusing on the science and processes of helping your body
increase its glutathione levels naturally.
Steven K. Scott
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